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► VECTOR is made possible with a grant from the Donald and Barrie Selesko Foundation
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International Studio and Curatorial Program | (current)  
La Lutta New Media Collective |  
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Paul Selesko Director: Donald and Barrie Selesko Foundation [Primary Sponsor: 2007-Present]
Dennis Elliott Director: International Studio and Curatorial Program [Fiscal Sponsor: 2011-Present]
Jan Kage Director: Schau Fenster, Raum für Kunst, Berlin [Hosted: VECTOR | Issue 5 | BERLIN]
Tom Weinrich Director: Interstate Projects Gallery [Hosted: VECTOR | Issue 3 | NEW YORK]
Stuart Krimko Max Protecht Gallery [Hosted: VECTOR | Issue 2 | NEW YORK]
Mike Egan Goff and Rosenthal Gallery [Hosted: VECTOR | Issue 1 | NEW YORK]
Antonino D’Ambrosio Director: La Lutta New Media Collective [Fiscal Sponsor 2011-Present]

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